Boulevard Benito Juarez, #131-1 Rosarito, B.C.

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Rosarito Beach is a city in the state of Baja California in Mexico. Rosarito Beach is located 20 miles south of the United States border and achieved city status in 1995 after splitting away as a suburb of Tijuana. Since then, the population of Rosarito Beach has nearly doubled. The Rosarito Beach municipality is home to over 90,000 residents within its 198 square miles.

Rosarito Beach was just a fishing village less than a century ago but has grown considerably as a tourist destination town. Part of the allure of Rosarito is the famous nightclub papasandbeer, in addition, its home to Fox Studios Baja which was built to accommodate the filming of Titanic and is still considered a popular destination for shooting movies and television programs.